Over the years, Kebekus Industrie Services has extended its range of services to different phases of the automation process. We see ourselves as architects for automation systems. With the help of a boas network of cooperation partners, we are able to respond individually inquiries and offer a comprehensive service for automation projects.

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Optimization of existing automation processes

New technologies can make an analysis of existing automation processes meaningful in order to optimize them if necessary. In addition, operational reasons may lead to a review of existing processes and entail potential optimization or necessary conversion measures.

Kebekus Industrie Services has a wealth of experience that enables us to tailor the automation of processes individually to our customers' needs.

Assembly of hardware for automation systems

Are you planning a plant but you do not find the right partners to implement the project? Kebekus Industrie Service has a broad network and can provide you with the right partners for your project.

Often, automation systems are bought as a complete package at one provider/manufacturer, but this does not mean that the system is responsive to customer needs. The planning of an individualized system does not have to be associated with higher costs at the same time. Accurate process analysis during plant design makes it possible to identify necessary plant components and operating programs so that only relevant components are included in the scope of delivery of the plant. Independent of manufacturer, we can offer you a solution individually adapted to your problem!


We are using a simulation program, to present process sequences of automation systems virtually in a 3D model. We use this kind of visualization for example during the preparation phase of a project to give our customers a picture of a feasible investment.

Another possible application of a simulation is during the planning phase of a plant. In order to avoid accessibility problems after setting up the system, we carry out an accessibility check by means of robot simulation. This procedure allows us to determine the optimal arrangement of the robots in the cell.

In addition, the data generated during the simulation can be taken over by the customer and help to shorten the commissioning time of the system.


Engineering of new programs

An automation system can only reach the specified goals and work as efficiently as possible with an individually programmed software.

Our programs always have a clear structure and easy comprehension, so that the customer can develop a quick overview of the program. When creating a program, the optimal execution of the tasks of the robot as well as easy handling for the operator of the system are always in the foreground. During programming, all safety-relevant specifications are observed and implemented accordingly.

Our programs have a high level of quality awareness and can be tailored to each project individually. K.I.S. does not offer standard products but a customized robot programming!

Robot programming

As an independent service provider, we offer the programming of all common control systems of the manufacturers:

  • ABB
  • KUKA
  • Kawasaki
  • Reis Robotics (KUKA)
  • Yaskawa

Optimization of existing programs

In addition to creating new programs, we also help you to optimize existing programs. In the following we would like to give you an overview of our core tasks:

  • Improving the intelligibility of a program
  • Find and eliminate unnecessary program elements
  • Streamlining the program structures
  • Optimization of the cycle time
  • Increasing the mechanical life of the robot by optimizing the flow of movement
  • Intelligent speed optimization of the movements (robot detects when an increased speed is necessary)
PLC control programming

Control systems:

  • Siemens (Step 7, TIA-Portal)
  • B&R (Automation Studio 3.0.9 - 4.9)
  • Schneider (Control Expert, Vijeo Designer)
  • Plant control can also be implemented on the respective robot controller including visualization.


We have been offering in-house training to our clients for several years now and are currently establishing a training center.

We can train you for robots of the manufacturers ABB or KUKA as well as for the program B&R Automation Studio. You can chose out of the following topics:

  • Basic training incl. Safety instruction for operators
  • Basic training programming
  • Basic training B&R Automation Studio
  • Advanced training programming
  • Training with customized content

In our training, we attach great importance to providing the necessary theory in combination with the practical application. For this reason, we only carry out training with a maximum of eight participants. However, it is a prerequisite that enough robots are available for each training session, so that no more than three persons need to share a robot.

Please feel free to contact us! We develop a training concept that is tailored to your needs!